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Experience:  I have over 16 years experience in treating adults presenting with a variety of relationship issues
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Customer Question

PLEASE READ, KINDA LONG <br /> <br />I like this guy. (I am 36, he 38, I was married 14 years, him never) We started off rocky, (he's a sex offender) and I turned him down twice while he tried to pursue me online. I reconsidered but he would not talk to me. I got my mom to call him and he told her he thought he and I should just leave each other alone. Well he texted me afterwards and we have been talking since then. a month later......... <br /> <br />He is very affectionate, attentive, and since the last few dates, he has become even more so. I mean, I totally am into this guy, but he does make a lot of sexual references. We have already been kinda intimate, however, I am developing feelings for him. He texts me every morning to say hi. He has neglected his college studies, he is exhausted from staying up with me (he has curfew because of SO status so I go to his house, no sex though), and he wants to spend as much time with me as possible. I do think he wants me to come over to have sex, but is patient with me. He hugs on me alot. I am just not sure if I should tell him yet if I love him because I am afraid he will run... OMG, he makes me crazy and he told me tonight that "I got him all f*&cked up". Whatever that means.... <br /> <br />The kicker though, he has a mexican immigrant woman friend (she lives across country) that texts him daily, and he has mentioned that he does have some feelings for her. Yeah I know, but I thought I could win him over. I am at least here and she will never move here nor will he move to her. He also says I am adorable, cute, and he texted me even tonight "Maybe I can dweam of you in my arms tonight". <br /> <br />Should I tell this guy I am totally in love with him? Will it scare him away?? We been dating about month now seeing each other everyday for 2 weeks straight. He wanted me to come over tonight but I know he exhausted! I told him tonight that he is in my head and he said he knew already. I am sooo afraid to tell him, I need your advice.....Thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
If he gets scared away, he would have done that anyway. Share your feelings in a way that sort of opens the door. You may say something like "You know I may be falling for you. See what he says in return. Alot of times you can tell where the conversation is headed by who says what. BE careful in lieu of his legal status and use your best judgment. Stop worrying about what he might say and open up the conversation. Anybody who gets scared from these types of conversations is commitment phobic anyway. Go for it.