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I meet a guy a couple of days before christmas. We have talke

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I meet a guy a couple of days before christmas. We have talke on the phone everyday. He asked me to meet him at a store and we could go to other stores, so I did. He brought me back to where I parked. We still talked everyday. On New years day we were suppose to go on a date that evening, but he couldn't go. Then, I let him come over to my house because we didn't go on the date.(I believe it was a mistake to invite him over to my house) He was a gentleman, but I opening told him I didn't want quick sex time. He has still called me everyday, but the next couple of days he wanted to come by to see me, but each one of those times it was after 10:00 or close to that time. I let him know that I was interested in a long term relationship. He told me he wasn't married, but lives with he sons mother, who he;s not in a relationship with. He is letting her live with him because of her financial problems(my mind red flag). He'll talk to me anytime, but he doesn't stay on the phone long, and it is a cell phone in someone elses name.
I am seven years older than him.
My question is should I continue or just see where he is about wanting a relationship?
I agree with you that this sounds very fishy. My first instinct is that he is either married or in a long term relationship. It is too coincidental that all of these red flags are present. I would not be starting a relationship with someone who has all of these weird scheduling problems, seems unreliable to an extent, and lives with this girl. It doesn't seem that he is available to really see exclusively. He by his own words isn't financially stable if he is living with this woman. He doesn't seem emotionally available either. It just seems too soon for him to commit to you or anyone. Proceed with caution but I think there is more to this story
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He wanted to come over to my house Friday. I talked to him early that day (4:00pm). I said okay but when it was 10:00 pm and he still didn't come, I called him to tell him it was too late to come to my home. He told me he wasn't coming anyway, and I said why didn't you call me and tell me you weren't coming. He said it with an attitude and he thank me for calling. Since he really hasn't respected my time and kept his word on our meeting and dates, I am not going to call him anymore. Could you give me advice as to what I should say to him when or if he calls me?
First don't ever feel that you have to take man's calls. If you do take his calls (maybe because he is being a pest). Than just tell him it isn't working out. You don't owe him any explanations plus you don't want to give him a reason to debate with you. Hang up and tell him you would prefer that he not call anymore
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