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psychlady, Counselor
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i am a lady 50 years. met a man 65. sexually fantastic

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i am a lady 50 years. met a man 65. sexually fantastic beautifully.we are both single and free and have our own apartments and do not live together. relationship for 3 years. Nothing much else in common other than we are both english living abroad. I don´t bring up cetain subjects / topics cos he has strong opinions and i feel belittled. i don´t think he respects me as woman with a brain...he wants to be looked after, and have physical contact which is emotioally nice but not good intellectually for me. He is now suddenly very ill, in need of a lot of care, and i want to leave him...i was his lover, don´t want to be his carer. Feel dreadfully guilty. How callous is that to leave someone cos they got sick? and yet i can´t handle his illnesses and he can´t make love to me libido.
It must be very difficult to take care of a person who is difficult and abusive. I admire your patience. I understand that it can be perceived as callous to end the relationship now, but if you need to do this especially in light of his disrespect, then do so for your own well being. There are all kinds of resources out there for those requiring medical attention. Don't put up with his. Move on. He will find a way. You should never put up with being disrespected for any reason. Not even medical issues. Your efforts are going to seem more and more draining if your heart isn't in it. you could even investigate some options yourself. But even those sick don't get the right to abuse you.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
your answer helps me because i feel i have support. I do want to leave him, he is not the same man I fell in love with, his illnesses have changed him and his needs. I worry what other people think. Silly I know, but its a small community here.

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