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Hello, I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years.It

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I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years.It has some ups and downs but mostly ups. This past weekend I was put in the hospital for symptoms of a heart attack. I was placed in ICU unit and hooked up to various machines. My girlfriend was aware of this from the admission. She continued to go about her regular activities and go to work etc. I had to call her and tell her each time the doctor came in, she didn't want to make the long distance call from Canada. I was released tuesday evening after a nuclear stress test and other test. I was very scared during this time and she was aware of this. I have been under a great deal of stress and suffering depression. My condition was ruled as acid reflux and stress related.I was told to try to get stressed out.
I told my girlfriend last night I was hurt that she didn't try to come down for me. She got really angry and hung up on me and now will not talk to me. I ask her if she was here and if it was one of her family members would she had went to see them, she said yes she would, but she already knew I wasn't having a heart attack. I am so heart broken. What should I do. I think it is terrible that she didnt even try to come here or even pretend like she couldn't. She was very matter of fact to me, that she would have her family.
Thanks for any help.
It is a shame that she didn't show you the concern that you needed. Medical type issues makes us the most scared and you wanted to know that she cared enough to make time for this crisis. There is a chance that she felt that it wasn't serious and this effected the way that she treated this incident. However I am with you that that is not the point. You were afraid for your health and wanted her support. This could be just the complication of a long distance relationship. However she should have made time and put in an effort to offer her reassurance. And then to hang up and not even discuss it is just plain inconsiderate. You may have to question at this point if you want to continue a long distance relationship and more impotantly a relationship with her. If this is one sided then why continue to put your effort into something that is not being nurtured by her.
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