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my ex broke my heart we were living together for 2 years and

Customer Question

my ex broke my heart we were living together for 2 years and he broke with me out of the blue when i had just lost my job and everything that meant something to me. he blames me all the time for the breakup. fianlly after beggin him to be there for me for months i just gave up. i cut off contact and changed my number. he emailed after a month saying i was his soul mate and i hurt him badly and how sorry he is for ever hurting me. now he keeps emailing me. at first i was nasty . the last time i said please just leave me alone i do not want anything to do with you.
then he send me a email for new years telling me he was worried i would go out and get drunk and then telling me about his future plans. i was so in love with him he cant keep going back and forth what do i do. this is destroying me all over again.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
Try to maintain your distance emotionally, physically and sexually. When you begin to be drawn in then you get hurt all over again. The most important thing is to keep your emotional distance. What I mean is taking extra steps to avoid feeling hurt. If you had no money you may not go to an expensive dress shop where you know you will see something you will like. I want you to treat him the same way. Do not read the emails for the temptation. Erase them immediately! Use this as an exercise for your heart. When you read them you get thinking. Don't read them. You don't care about his plans. Delete them immediately. If you truly want to get over him, you will do this. Then look at dating other people and moving on. Don't let yourself go in the dress shop. Don't read them and move on.