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I am recently married in july 2010. But even before the marriage

Resolved Question:

I am recently married in july 2010. But even before the marriage i was having doubts about my relationship with my partner. We have a 9mth old baby and a house together. I have told him its over ive tried councelling cause i seem to be always looking at other men and wanting more aswell. ive kissed a few men over the years and i dont remeber most of them but i rec ently kissed someone sober and really felt amazing a feeling i havent felt in a long time. but its not a relationship im looking to start its time to be on my own and realise what i want. but i cant get this time on my own as we have a house that is worth way less then we paid for it so we cant sell it .. ive no where to go as my parents are very unhappy with my decision and my partner just seems to be in denial .. please give me some advice ????
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
You can get time on your own but that doesn't in itself mean that you have to separate. You could work out a compromise that allows for this. Maybe you can make time while returning to your husband. If you truly are done, then you need to have a game plan that is fair to everyone. That means deciding how it is going to happen and where you will live. You and your husband need to compromise on whether that includes the house and how that will work with the baby. Remember initially he will be resistant because he is hurt so do this gently. As far as your parents, they will be unhappy but eventually they will come around. They are not going to ignore you - you are their child, not your husband. This is very complicated but anything can be planned out. Try to consider others but don't let them dominate this decision
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