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my girlfriend of 2 years said she is not sure she wants our

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my girlfriend of 2 years said she is not sure she wants our relationship anymore after we had 2 big arguments within a week, now she says i have not moved our relationship on after she has dropped plenty of hints about moving in together . i want her back and i've told her this
You are going in the right direction. The only cure for any issue in a relationship is positive communication. Before you move in together or as you are together, there is always a need for compromise and that is achieved by talking. Arguing is natural and happens with every couple so don't worry about that. However it is a sign that you have some things to work out. Schedule to meet soon just to ease some of your anxiety. When you meet, make sure you express your concerns and find a common ground. By compromising it also shows that you value the relationship. If she is hinting about moving in together then she is interested in compromise too
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
she has 2 children from a previous relationship this is why i've held back a little should i tell her i am prepared to move in soon if she would let me (and take me back again) its just i've never done the family thing before and i just need time to get used to change. even though she has said if we get back we will only argue badly again next month and she don't want that
I admire that you are taking the kid's role in this so seriously. It definitely makes the situation even more confusing. Only move in if you are serious about really making this work because they will see the guy come and go. As far as the family role, that is achieved through just time and energy. There's no rule book so you just have to learn as you go. As far as arguing, there is no way to really guess with that since you haven't really been in this situation yet. Moving in does change everything, but it can also be comforting, stable, and positive. You have to find out why she is saying that you will argue. If the relationship doesn't move forward then nothing else matters. If she wants to wait, then you have to continue to work on things. But in the end, you have to make a decision as a couple and go with it
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