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thanks i rang him and we spoke on the phone,he said he reallly

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thanks i rang him and we spoke on the phone,he said he reallly likes me but he keeps getting phone calls and texts from his ex girlfriend who he still cares . he said he doesnt want to get back with her and i told him he should tell her straight, he said he has but she keeps calling, he said its hard to have a relationship with someone else when this keeps happening. i said i dont let my ex husband ruin my new relationships, he said he has to work it out. i ended it by saying he has my number call me if he wants a drink sometime then all the best goodbye. i dont know if this is an excuse to not see me anymore but i am no longer ever calling him but i wish he will call me, i am so upset i really liked him
It's a shame but some people pursue new relationships before they have let go of the old one, and the only person that gets hurt are the new partners. This guy sounds more like a game player than someone trying to get rid of a girlfriend. As a woman, I know you can always get rid of a girl if you try hard enough. And women don't keep after a guy unless she thinks there is an interest. If he has tried, he hasn't tried that hard. I think you have already been too nice. Let it go until he has absolutely let her go, and that's when he should call. He may have been nice but there's too much baggage right now. You are going to be more upset if you get together and he get the message across to her to let go. There are nice guys out there; try to find one with no attachments. If he calls you fine, but if he doesn't than that says they are still going back and forth with each other. In the meantime, see who else is out there
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