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hi i feel like i am fretting for this guy all the time, he

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hi i feel like i am fretting for this guy all the time, he has stopped calling me and is busy doing his own thing with his mate all the time. I call him and he is good to talk to, he ended up staying at home with me on new years eve. i have been calling him twice a day, i cant help myself, i feel like i need him to reasure me that we are seeing each other all the time as his behavior makes me feel so insecure.i have never been like this with any other guy before and it makes me feel sick all the time, i cant stop thinking about him. i just want it to work so badly and for him to pay more attention to me. i do not know if he is trying to get rid of me by avoiding seeing me or not calling me. if i ask him around he usually comes around, but he didnt tonight as he said he has been drinking and that he will callme in the morning, i am already upset that he may not call in the morning. we are in our mid to late 40s and i feel if he didnt want to see me he should say it rather than avoiding calling or spending time with me. please give me advise on what i should do and if i should end this because of the way i feel all the time. thanks
Unfortunately, some people don't come right out and say that it's over. They kind of take the cowards way out. So if his actions say I'm not interested then that's probably the answer. You may be coming across as needy so be careful of that. Look at his actions and proceed accordingly. I would protect myself from the hurt of trying to get someone interested and find someone who will not give you mixed messages. You deserve someone who is interested 100%. Don't chase; it will only prolong the inevitable and the chances that he could use you kn. You need to let him come around so that you truly know he is interested and wishing to pursue this relationship. Don't maintain a relationship that has poor boundaries and lack of consideration. Even if he is interested, he is showing you that he will maintain a relationship where you are going to be confused and taken for granted
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