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I recently got separated 6 mths ago because my husband did

Customer Question

I recently got separated 6 mths ago because my husband did not trust me and he had every right not to. I cheated on him before our marriage during our marriage and towards the end of our marriage with the same person whom i always felt I was in love with. Now that I am separated, the same man I cheated with winds up not being who I dreamed he would be and it of course did not work out. My husband did not know I cheated on him during our marriage but I knew and I felt horrible, he deserved better so I asked for the separation. I was unhappy and I was only making my husband unhappy but he loved me very much and would do anything and everything for me. My husband begged me back at the beginning and I would tell him no, but then I began to realize what I had lost but he started going out and talking to other woman and now is dating a woman 10 yrs younger than him while him and I were somewhat dating again. He lied to me and told me he wasn't seeing anybody, but found out differently. I can't blame him for moving on because I kept telling him I did not know if we were getting back together. All I know is that knowing he is with another woman is devastating me and I am very depressed and letting my work slide. I am self employed and cannot afford to lose focus but I am so depressed, I cannot concentrate on my priorities. Even though I know my husband and I will not reconcile because we do not trust each other, I miss him and I feel so alone.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
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