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Sudden disappearance of partner without any signs

Customer Question

Hi. I am a 29 years old guy residing in Egypt. I have been involved in a long distance relationship with a girl of the same age as mine that resides in Sweden since August 2010. 4 months has passed since we met, I met her in an online game called World Of Warcraft, during the first month we talked allot finding out that we had lot in common so it wasn't long before we became friends, since then we have been chatting on daily basis, spending quite lot of time playing together while getting to know each other, as this continued to go on, we became inseparable friends, and as time passed our intimate friendship developed into love relationship before we knew it and it lasted up to roughly 4 months. Unfortunately it seemed to have ended in abrupt manner 3 days ago. Here is what happened, the last time we spoke was last week, while I was working on my computer she started a conversation with me on msn messenger, I replied and got into 1 hour chat with her, and everything was perfectly fine. The next two days when I was playing World Of Warcraft, I recieved messages from friends who happen to be good and close friends to her suddenly asking me about her whereabouts since I was the one that knew about her the most, when I asked what was going on I was shocked to hear that she disappeared from the server moving to another one, without absolutely telling anyone including me about it and not even leaving any details where she was going... and were desperately wondering if I knew anything about her. I had her in MSN and Steam, so I looked for her there but she wasn't online, so left her an email asking her what happened, several days has past (about a week) she hasn't replied to my email yet and never heard anything from her, neither me nor her friends, the whole disappearance was a huge shock to all of us, she treasured her friends, and was the type that wouldn't do anything major without telling those around her first... yet she abruptly left without saying anything not even a hint where she would be going, It is pretty safe to conclude that she wanted to break all the ties she had with me and her friends. this wasn't my first time I lost someone I cared about, so I learned from experience that things like that happens for various reasons, such as lose of interest in the relationship.. however something is peculiar about the whole thing, normally when a relationship end there are signs, such as your partner spending less time talking to you, no longer friendly and social as he/she used to be, acting distant..etc. This is not what happened with her... until the last time I heard of her she was chatty talking happily and normally with me and her friends for hours... yet the next day she vanished into thin air..... so something doesn't make sense.... did something happen that she decided to disappear completely breaking all the ties she had with us so sudden given that just one day ago she was my best friend,happily chatting with me and my friends in the game and everything seemed perfect? This is a mystery that has been bothering me for several days and I have been depressed about her loss. Well perhaps I am jumping to conclusion too soon, as only a week passed so far so who knows, but from the way things happened I feel that she won't show up.... Can someone shed a light on the possible reason behind her abrupt disappearance that wasn't preceded with any warning signs? Does it happen that a minute your partner is your best friend, loves you and the next and without any signs that he/she disappear so suddenly?. Thanks in advance for the opinion and the advice
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Walt-mod replied 6 years ago.
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