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Dr.G., Psychologist
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I am the one who messed up the relationship with my ex. I have

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I am the one who messed up the relationship with my ex. I have since apologized trying to make things right, but we have split up. Though we have agreed to try and fix our issues he has distanced himself and only speaks to me once a day. Mostly late at night via skype. I have a feeling however that he's not sure whether he truly wants to work things out even though he says he does. Should I just completely let go or give him more time?
I say give him a little more time. At least he is communicating with you and has not totally abandoned the relationship. He has hurt feelings and it will take time for him to heal. So practice patience and give this situation time to cool over.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your reply doctor. Would it be best to just try and take the relationship down the 'friendship' avenue as I feel him withdrawing and being completely unsure. I don't want to hurt him further and if being just friends with him is what I need to do in order for him to truly heal....I will do so. But I get mixed messages. There are days where he says he still loves me and wants to work things out, and other days when he just gets so upset and blames me for all of my mistakes in the relationship. Especially where I have been unfaithful and dishonest. And that, if I hadn't 'messed up' we would still be together.
If you really want it to work with him then you have to take a few steps back and go back to being friends. He needs to build that trust with you and the best way is to be friends, loyal friends at that, and earn the trust back.
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