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this is about my son and his fiance. is it normal for a fiance

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this is about my son and his fiance. is it normal for a fiance to want to spend more time with her brother. either her brother is at my sons house on weekends or she leaves and goes to spend time with her brother staying away for at least 2 to 3 times a week. she talks to him i don't know but constantly everyday. i have never seen anything like this. if she goes this will make the 2nd time in november. i have never seen anything like this and i need some directoin so i can help my son out. i just do not understand this at all   what is taking so long
What does your son say about it? Does it bother him? It seems like it is an issue for them to resolve....what do you think?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It bothers my son really bad. I talked to her about it because my son asked me to so that maybe I could explain how he felt in a different way. She gets very defensive. Through the entire conversation all she could talk about was spending time with her brother, his girlfriend, and another friend of hers. Not one time in the conversation did she ever put being with my son as a priority. Do you think it is time for my son to move on? He has talked to her about this issue several times, and like I said even asked me to try to explain things to her from a different point of view and still no luck.
Well like you said, her priorities is with her family and not her fiance. I don't know what more a person can do to get her to change. So with that being said, I think your son needs to move on and find someone who will full fill his needs. She obviously is not willing to do that for him.
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