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my boyfriend is leaving me

Resolved Question:

my boyfriend is leaving me.

actually, I brought up the broke up becuase I found some women's pictures in his album in computer (he admited he did it with her, but becuase of wine and he only loves me)

I left, but I went back becuase I still feel strong connection to him.

Then he said we should take a break for six month to see what is gona happen to us.

I felt so painful when I think about he might leave me for good and I called him and wrote to him.we get together frequently as before, but I know he is seeing other women.

He keep telling me he is not seeing anyone and he loves me. he still refer me as girlfriend, but I know he is having sex with other woman.

he lost tempers twice when I brought up topic about our relationship and other woman.

This coming weekend we are going to Vegas celibrate his birthday. He asked me tonight when would we be back and he said he might go to his sister for dinner (we are coming back on his birthday - next Monday.) I know he wants to meet the other woman.

I do not know what to do. I'm thinking to call that woman and talk with her. Should I do that? I know them seeing each other once a week probably and have sex. My boyfriend did not have sex with me since we said taking break.

What do i do?

Thank you very much and anxious waiting for your suggestions.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 6 years ago.
Hi, you are dealing with a guy who is selfish and uncaring. He is not worth your time. I would not call the other women because that may cause more problems. I know it hurts, but he isn't vested in a relationship with you right now. Walk away from him as soon as possible. He can't take a break, treat you like this and have another women waiting for him. Let him go, don't appear to be desperate for him to be with you. If he misses being with you he'll be back but under no condition should you accept him back unless you are the only woman he is seeing. If he loves you as he says he does he will respect you for doing this. It's very difficult for you I know, you "think" you love this man. You can't trust him, he lies about where he is going , he'll lie about other things. A good relationship is based on honesty and trust. You may want to rethink even going to Vegas with him. Why would you want to? You deserve better.
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