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Why did my guy get so mad. He emailed me that he broke up with

Resolved Question:

Why did my guy get so mad. He emailed me that he broke up with his girlfriend which is good news for me I've liked him for 2 years and we've been close on and off. We always thought of being together when the time was right and when he started to drive. Even though he told me he broke up with his girlfriend he never told me what he wanted from me because when I would text him he would ask me if I just liked him for physical reasons and of course It's a lot more than that. I really thought he would know how I feel, it's pretty obvious so I told him I was interested and asked him about how he feels but he never responded to the email. He then would text me and if I didn't respond would get mad and tell me if I didn't answer him he would never talk to me again, next day he texts me and I didn't check it til I was at work which was hours since he sent the message. I told him I was at work and was going to a friends party after he understood. Then I went home was really tired and it was late so I texted him saying I just got home and I'm going to bed and wished him goodnight. He gets mad saying "okay so we don't talk again, I give up." I'm so confused? Why did he get so mad when I asked him if he was interested he never answered and it's just why would he get this mad. I really like him but all I said was goodnight because it was late and I figure i'd talk to him the next day which was a Friday and I would have more time to talk. Why did he get so mad, and say he was giving up? Do you think he means it? Could I get him back into my life? If yes, then how would I do this?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Bonnie replied 6 years ago.
Hi and thanks for asking JA, I am going to try to help here:

The advancement of technology (texting and email) has really affected relationships. There is too much room for miscommunication or misunderstanding. You cannot hear the inflection in the person voice to understand if something is meant as a joke or is serious. Here's what I would recommend. Call him on the phone and ask to meet with him in person. When you meet, be clear about how you are feeling about him and ask him how he feels. If he is hesitant, not sure, wants to take a relationship break (since they just broke up), then give him his space and don't expect anything from him just now.
If he is interest in you, ask that for awhile (not forever) you and he only talk the phone or in email or text. (Voice mail is probably ok) I know it is hard but while you and he define your relationship you will need to have clearer communication and not be guessing what each other mean or think.
I hope this helps.
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