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Me and my wife have been sepwrated for six weeks... i see her

Resolved Question:

Me and my wife have been sepwrated for six weeks... i see her evertday cause of our 3 yr old son... we go out as a family ecery sat night... i live at my friends house now and they are at home in our house... wwve had swx a dew ti+es and fri night i was at the bar with driends i emailed her to tell her i misse# XXXXX she emailed mw back and said i xan come over wen im donw. But i havent made up my mind yet so its just one night... i went home laid in bed with her and we justt held each other... is this a good sign? I love and miss her so bad
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 6 years ago.



If she seems receptive to you and open for affection, it is a sign that she's giving the relationship another chance.


She will have to be able to trust you and your actions would set this in motion. It may take some time for her to let her emotional guard down but as long as you've decided to put the family first and the work second, things can improve.


You can continue to reassure her that the change you've undertaking within yourself is going to be permanent.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes now my seperated wife is telling me that were seeing each other to much and said we have to stop that or her decision will turn bad... she said shell have a answer by Christmas. Don't understand that why 3 months... she was hanging out with some of my best friends on Sunday at a home Dec show is that a good sign for me? And she went food shopping with me and my son... which she hasn't done in 7 weeks. She was suppose to go out with one of her friends sat night but wound up not going cause she was tired I still stayed over cause I cancelled my plans to watch my son. She wouldn't tell me where she was goin. Sun morning she finally told me where she was going she said she didn't want to tell me cause it was close to my house and she knows I worry bout her and she thought. I would have someone following her... I told her I trust her and I respect her and I would never do that ... please help me I'm so confused
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 6 years ago.

It is good sign that she is doing things w/ you. Three months is a long time and she may have an idea of why she needs it. She may be going to counseling, brainstorming her options, trying to figure out what she wants, testing you, etc. As far as her interacting with your friends, they are most likely mutual friends since you've been married to her. If she does not have any agendas behind it (dating your male friends) then there is no harm in that.


Unless she was dating someone over the weekend, there seems no reason for her to be secretive. That may be her way of trying to feel in control of her life at the moment. Only she knows the reason behind her behavior. See if she would share what is going on and respect her wish for privacy if she does not.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I actually just got off the phone with her a couple of minutes ago and she seemed fine... I'm goin out tonight with my friends and wanted to let her know... being honest with her... I asked her if she could help me fix the bedroom up on sat and she qsaid she would I think that would be a good side...and about my friends it was there wives she was out with... she was alittle drunk last night and we were
talking and I asked her if she missed me and she aid "well a little" and giggled then smiled. Were going to a beef n beer on Dec 4 for someone and tonight I had asked he
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I actually just got off the phone with her and she seems fine... was letting her know I'm going out with my friends I wanted to b honest with her. She's also gonna help me on sat fixing up a bedroom so we can sell the house she was with my friends wives at the home show.... last night she was alike drunk and I had asked her if she missed me and she said "a Lil bit" and she gigled ... then she told me that yone of my close friends offered her 2 tix for a beef n beer for a aquatance she said "john said we mite goto that... and if not ill talked my other boyfriend. She said this to my 2 best friends that are girls but she was laughing cause she said it to me laughing too.
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 6 years ago.

Keep the communication w/ her open and see what comes along. Hopefully she's exercising good judgment even when she's drinking.