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I am about to turn forty and would like to go back to school

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I am about to turn forty and would like to go back to school but I'm not sure what I should be going back for. I have a small child with autism... do you think it's realistic for me to attempt this at my age (given the circumstances)?
Hi. Happy to give you an opinion. What kind of course are you thinking about taking and how old is your child?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Owen turned 7 on Sept 5th. I'm thinking that I want to complete my bachelor's degree but I'd probably have to begin again.


I want a four year degree in something that will be helpful to my son.

OK, I definitely do not think it is too late (as I was 40 when I went back to graduate school). However, I would not take a full load at first. Take one or two courses per semester for a few semesters and gradually increase. Do not be discouraged by how long it is taking because before you know it you'll be at that graduation ceremony.

Good luck.

Ideas related to major: Special Education; Occupational Therapy;

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