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Angela, Counselor
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Angela, my boyfriend split up with me (over horse)last week.

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For Angela, hi, my boyfriend split up with me (over my horse)last week. The thing is, as hard as it is I need to sort out few important things with him - we have joint bank accout, some hosehold bills are in my name and I moved out etc. He isn't answering my callsmessages and he has blocked me on social networking sites. Is he just hurting and wanting to talk to me or is he just being difficult? What do you think I should do, leave him be for a bit or keep trying?
Hello my name is Angela.
I am more than happy to assist you with your questions by giving you my honest and respectful opinion.

Yes I remember you. It sounds as if he is being difficult along with hurting, but mainly difficult due to not getting his way since he fully expected you to do what he wanted with no ands ifs or butts. I truly am sorry for this painful time you are going through as well. You have reached out to him more than enough so I suggest no longer reaching out to him at all and to let him contact you if he wants to. Also, I suggest as far as the bank account goes, to take the portion of the money that is solely your money and to immediately have your name removed off of the account especially since you are no longer with him and to protect your credit ratings etc. The household bills that are in your name, since you have moved out and he will not respond to you, I suggest having those bills taken out of your name immediately. If the bills are for utilities etc. you could advise the utility company to contact him and ask if he wants the bills in his name and let them know you have tried to reach him already but he has not responded. Also, if you wanted to go the extra mile, you could send him a letter advising him of the above if the bills are for utilities, cable, etc. But I think it's tricky to leave the bills in your name since you no longer live there and they could effect your credit if left unpaid or even if they were to be extremely high. I hope you have a good support system in place because you are more than worth it! If any bitterness or resentment tries to creep in pertaining to your horse, put it in its place by telling yourself the break up was about him not getting his way along with refusing to even compromise with you, the horse was the issue this time but in the future there would have been other issues he demanded his way only about and that's not fair or respectful to you.
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