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After over thirty years of very scare contact, I have tried

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After over thirty years of very scare contact, I have tried to contact my father and his family only to find out (through the internet) that my older half brother was killed in 02 and a younger half sister died in April of this year. I wanted to get a family medical history and the death of my younger sister is frightening (though I have no idea how this happened).

Should I continue to try to contact my father or just throw in the towel? I've been having medical issues of my own and knowing the family history would be very helpful but I'm not sure what I would say to him after all this time. Please help.



Are you seeking relationship question assistance or did you want legal idvice? If the former, please elaborate.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relationship advice mostly. I don't know what to say to my father if I do get in touch with him. He was abusive of my mother and I'm really wondering if it's worth the trouble. All I really want is a medical history.

Thank you for clarifying. It would be worth the trouble to talk to him only if you 1/ believe he would have some epiphany 2/ you just want to take it off of your shoulders despite his reaction.


Try to find out if the medical records can be subpoenaed. Your father may not have the info or he may not understand what it says.


He will remain the person he is most likely. You've got to decide if by communicating with him this is more helpful than hurtful to you. If you're able to forgive and accept that this is how he is, then the communication would be something in the way of closure or moving along for you.


You may want to write down what is it that you want to say (keep it neutral if you can) and then either mail it or tell that to him (best if it is done in person)



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