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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Counselor
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Hi Dr. Keane, We are now in a Long Distance relationship. I

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Hi Dr. Keane, We are now in a Long Distance relationship. I said to my boyfriend that I would never move back unless I had 5000 saved up a good job, and an apartment that I can easily afford. He said he has 3000 saved up for me as well. That would give me enough to build my hair client. e are now going to really test our relationship. He knows he can trust me completely, I have to first learn to trust him completely as well. We ironed out everything although I am upset that he can not take a week-end off just to come to me and see where I live, sleep and eat and meet my son and his family. His controling father will not here of him leaving even overnight. This is where I get a little worried about my boyfriend. I have been told by a few men friends you need to let the man come and see you. In this situation is it not different? Thanks
Hi, I am not sure I would go back this quickly however it's your choice. I would suggest you have the money in hand or in a bank account in your name only before I would take this risk. If his father has this much power over him you may run into the same problems you did before. He may love you but is it really his father that is making the demands? Your male friends are right even in this situation.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Dr. Keane, O.K. noq I am in a long distance relationship away from all that stress and my boyfriend and I are talking on the phone at least 5 times in a day. I am financially in a mess.I will be trying to build myself back up and get on my feet but I could use about 500 to help through the next couple of months. My boyfriend is very aware I am in this terrible situation and because he knows I will be recieving 1000 from the apt. I was living at he has not offered me any help. He has the money I know. I feel reallly hurt about him not helping but I am actually affraid to ask him for any money. Is this a sign ? Also I may have a male friend let me stay at his home while he is away on buisness. This would financialy be a very good oppurtunity for me to help me get back on my feet. Do you think me staying at a males home be a detrimant to my trust issues with my current boyfriend?
Hi, I am sorry about your financial situation however, if you want or need something (money in this case) you ask, he can respond with a yes or no, will be interesting to hear what he says. Yes, it's surprising that he didn't offer especially since he knows your situation. If he has a problem with you staying at a males home while he is away then you need to rethink your situation yet again. Trust has nothing to do with a friend lending you a helping hand, if he stepped up to the plate and helped there wouldn't be any problems.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I will be asking him today, I will write later after I get off from work. Thanks

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