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Accidentally posted this as a employment law question at first,

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Accidentally posted this as a employment law question at first, but meant to post it as a relationship question. I have a supervisor who admits she drinks too much. Every Monday she tells us how much she drank over the weekend. It appears that it is affecting her mood, one minute she is very aggressive and curt, the next minute she is nice and amicable - this goes on all day. I also know from what she has said that her b/f is stringing her along and isn't particularly nice because he drinks alot also. I've been trying to neutralize her moods with just remaining the same no matter what mood she is but its starting to get to me. Is there anything else I can do so that she doesn't stress me out?

Good Morning,


You may want to view her behavior objectively (she's another person dealing with her own issues and possibly being in a codependent relationship) She may be displacing a lot of her frustration onto others at work (subconsciously)


Perhaps this is her coping (even though unhealthy) both drinking and displacing her frustrations.


Her behavior also does not have to be related to her weekend binge drinking. It may be that she is depressed, stressed out, having hormonal issues, etc.


If there is a way for you to talk to her personally and just let her know how you're feeling (without making speculations as to her behavior's triggers) just talk about your work performance and ask her to clarify her expectations of your work performance. Try not to to this on a Monday.



Try to remember that is not her behavior stressing you out 100% but your response to it.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I agree with everything you said and chuckled re not discussing anything with her on a MondayCool She sits directly behind me so I have to block most of her outside voice chatter. Yes, my response IS what's stressing me out - who wants to sit in front of a boss who fluctuates between Whatever Happened to Baby Jane meets Jurassic Park (velociraptor scenes to be exact). I try to keep a neutral face but yep, that's stressful indeed.

I know exactly what you mean. What helped was accepting that this is how this person is (a base line) and continued to treat them respectfully XXXXX XXXXX in things in one's control such as helping a colleague, bringing some humor to the work setting, etc.

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