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One of my boyfriends really close friends is female. She recently

Customer Question

One of my boyfriends really close friends is female. She recently had a birthday party that we both attended and there were lots of photos taken some with just them and others of all three of us (admitably not as good). A few days ago my boyfriend received a card in the mail addressed just to him with a printed out picture of the both of them and a note saying thank you for coming and here is a picture of me and you for you to put in a frame or a collage or to put up when me and my boyfriend move into a new place (in the next few weeks). I felt very uncomfortable about this. she is in a relationship as well and I know that they are only close friends but this is something that I would never do to her or anybody. I don't know how to aproach her about this or even if I should aproach her and let her know how uncomfortable it made me feel
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 6 years ago.

Good Afternoon,


it would depend what you do or say if you know what her motivation was. It also depends on your boyfriend's reaction. If you think that she really did not think much about this and there is no premeditated goal behind it, then you may decide that she just did not give it a whole lot of thought about what she's doing. If your boyfriend thinks that it is strange and agrees with you, then there is nothing for you to worry as far as his reaction.


If you believe that confronting her will bring some closure to how you feel, then you can try to ask her something in the line of what was with the card you sent and let her elaborate.


Even though you may not do something like this, others live by their own measures.


You may decide to wait for a short period of time just to see if anything else in her behavior hints at a possible reason.