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What is a guys intentions if he pounds you with relationship

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What is a guys intentions if he pounds you with relationship questions the first week of meeting you, such as 'why are you single, have you been in a long term relationship, have you lived with anyone' why would this be important to a guy who just met you???? why are you single, well, isn't he single too? I find that to be mockery, what do you think?

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I don't think it's mockery, I think he has been burned very, very badly in the past by a woman .


It sounds like he is trying to see if new women he meets are anything like her...and if they are, he will most likely not get involved.


And I do think it would be fair to turn his questions around on might find out some interesting information to help you make your judgment about whether he is a good relationship risk for you.


If he is that persistent with the questions, look into his background. You may find red flags when he starts talking about his past relationships. If everything is everyone else's fault, and he doesn't admit to any shortcomings himself, proceed with caution!


His questions don't reflect on you....they reflect on him.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the help, sorry this took so long I have been going through some things I hope that you still get credit. The guy in this case turned out to be the typical man, he was already with another girl, sneaking behind her back and seeing someone else, all the while claiming to both girls he had been cheated on in the past, then ended up dumping both of them. he cam on real heavy at first too, pretending to want to go on vacations together and be serios in only 2 weeks. Oh well, he was 27 years old if that helps. PS--can you see our real names when we type this and real emails, do you see the username, just curious????
No problem...good to hear from you! Sorry he turned out to be a fraud.

Since you last wrote, I found a great book on how women can protect their hearts, sanity and serenity in the dating world. It has a cheesy cover, but the information inside is wonderful. I bought a copy, lent it to a client, and she called the next day wanting to buy the copy from me because she wanted to underline all the great stuff she was learning. Anyway...the title is Temptations of the Single Girl
I think they should hand it to every girl as she graduates high school...

And no, all that shows on screen is "Customer" on your posts. No names, no email addresses, so rest easy.
Take care!
Suzanne and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you