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Suzanne, Therapist, LCSW
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Just read about this website called Rent-a-Friend - found the

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Just read about this website called Rent-a-Friend - found the article quite randomly. OK. Don't judge me. I'm in my late forties. I very much enjoy the company of young, beautiful, intelligent, fun, capable women and have been seeing quite a few. You'd be surprised. No, really. I have money. I'm fun. We do things together. Took one of them to Vegas last week. Had a blast. Took another to the Super Bowl last February. It goes on and on. Really. Hang on. We're getting to the question. OK. So I find this site and just go ahead and do a search for my home town. On the front page there's a picture of a gorgeous girl that I'd like to get to know if she's real. Chances are - not. But, what the heck, I only paid $30 for the chance to meet her and she's only charging $30 an hour. On the odd chance she is real, I'd like to meet her. If she is real, there are going to be so many guys clamoring for this girl's attention if they find this site. Here's the question: How to stand out? How to approach the first contact? There are two options email and phone. Don't just give me a short answer. Please. Details. Oh, and don't ask me how I met the others. It's not relevant. Was not by email or phone cold like this.

Thanks for writing to Just Answer.


Okay, so it sounds like you are fully aware that this whole thing may be a scam, so ...that said...


If this young lady is needing money badly enough to sell her friendship on a website, then you already have a huge clue in how to stand out from the sea of "wanna-meet-hers"


Luckily, it sounds like you have that, and in this economy, that alone will make you stand out. But to make sure she knows that you are the real deal, (lots of men try to make themselves seem rich on online dating sites) I would suggest that you put together a evening that will blow her away.


I would make first contact by telephone. Too many people sound great on paper and turn out to be duds. And you will be able to tell a lot about her by her voice and vocabulary. Listen carefully.


Being able to make a girl laugh during your first conversation is a great way to make sure she remembers you. Not jokes, but clever conversation...


Don't go on and on about how you don't need a site like that to find women. Say you read an article about it, checked it out for a laugh, and there she was...


Do NOT overwhelm her with how beautiful you think she is. Say it once, only. Tell her that there was something about her smile that made you know that she was someone you wanted to meet, and that you think she will be a great person to accompany you to ..---.(fill in the blank).


Your first date should be in your home town. The best restaurant in town followed by...a concert , live sports event....something memorable. If things go well, see if she is willing to go out of town with you...another trip to Vegas might be just the thing.


Since she is only charging $30 an hour for her time, offer her $50. That will get her attention.


I did "due diligence" and checked out the website you mentioned, using my own zip code. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention that there's a very good chance that a woman who lists herself this way could be a prostitute, but I'm betting you already thought of that... At least the ladies in my zip code had that look, and that slant in their profiles.


And don't worry about the 'competition'...just book the first date. She is essentially renting her time, so that shouldn't be a problem.


When you call her, sound confident that the two of you will have a great time. Tell her you want to go to your favorite restaurant, and hate eating alone. Tell her about what you have planned for after dinner. You sound like a fun-loving that during your first conversation. It never hurts to mention just having been to Vegas. Make it an evening that she would enjoy even if she wasn't getting paid to be there.


Keep your eyes wide open, and do your own due diligence. ...Don't give her your address or other personal information until you have run a background check on her, once you find out her real name. Better safe than robbed...


Have a great time!


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Awesome, very well thought out, thorough answer. I like the way you think. I am very impressed. Thanks Suzanne!

To me, this girl does not have the look of a prostitute. My zip is 75205. It's the very pretty blond at the bottom of the first page. What do you think?

If I need advice in the future, is there way on this site to request you specifically?


Glad you found what I wrote helpful! And thank you for the very generous bonus--that was a very nice surprise...


Checked out the site, and she is indeed very pretty, and I agree, does not have the prostitute look. I looked up 28801...very different kind of crowd. Good luck!


And if you'd like to request me again, put FOR SUZANNE in caps at the beginning of your question. I'm a full-time therapist in private practice, so am mainly on the site early AM and later if I don't answer right away, I will by the end of the day, ok?


Thanks again for your kind words and the wonderful bonus!


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