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Jennifer, School Psychologist
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Experience:  Extensive experience fostering family relationships through consultation / counseling.
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Ive seen almost every marriage in my family end with divorce.

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I've seen almost every marriage in my family end with divorce. Now, at 20, I have trust issues with men because the men have always cheated. How can I overcome this?
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Begin by recognizing that those relationships that ended badly are not yours and do not predict the outcome for any romance in your future. Think about how you're different from the women involved in those relationships. If you have someone in your life, how is he different from the men in those failed relationships? How is your relationship different? Those are things to remember when you feel anxious about it all.

While it's healthy that you recognize where your trust issues stem from, it's more important to be able to let go of them to some degree when you need to have faith in your relationship and the person you are with. Be open and honest with this person about how it's difficult for you to trust men. Perhaps you can even tell him specifically what might help you to feel more secure in your relationship (this will take some forethought on your part, of course). Be aware of types of men and situations that will likely be difficult for you (e.g., frequent traveler, someone who has cheated in his past, etc.) so that you can either work together to come up with a plan that may help you to feel better about the situation or avoid that type of person / situation entirely. Some men will be easier to trust than others. However, even with someone who seems like the "perfect fit," there will also always be situations where you'll have to bite the bullet and trust him. It's so hard, but it's that faith in the other person and trust that he's committed to you that will enable you to build a strong relationship and learn to trust more completely.
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