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Im 27 in a class typically freshman level class their is this

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Im 27 in a class typically freshman level class their is this girl in the glass that is gorgeous and think she is not a freshman but she seems like she might be one of those uptight snooty girls ,maybe cause she knows shes hot and guys are always hitting on her. How should i approc her and begin communication?
Hi, Instead of being one of those guys who "hit" on her, start a neutral conversation about the class work. Don't ask her out just talk about classwork, weather anything that won't make her feel like she is being hit upon. Maintain eye contact, smile and then leave. Keep approaching her in this manner and see if she shows interest in you first. What you are perceiving as an uptight snooty girl could be right but you could be wrong and she may seem this way because she is always getting hit upon. Have no expectations when you approach her and you'll be fine. You won't know what she is really like until you get a change to talk to her and get to know her.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

now that's the awkward part how should go about initiating this "small" talk i can "B.S." all day but how do i genually approach her without seeming like that guy and start casual talk.

Hi, walk by her and say hello, that should get a response, then next day do it again and add a comment about the class, keep it short the first couple of times and by then she will either acknowledge you when you pass by or choose to stand off. You'll know after a few days what her reaction to you will be. Chances are if she sees you are not just another guy who hits on her she may be open to engaging in more of a conversation as time goes on. Don't try too hard, be yourself and let it happen naturally.
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