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i am interested in 27 yr. old guy... we thought each other

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i am interested in 27 yr. old guy... we thought each other was in our thirties when we exchanged pictures...he is intersted in me.. We really did not discuss our ages until after a few months.. I do look very young for my age and get it all the time.. I am 49. he said he likes older women.. I was not looking and neither was he.. we are from the same religion, the most important thing!... and we have many likes and dislikes.. we talked about everything in the beginning.. Is age so important in a relationship... Does age really make a difference if you honestly both like each other.. I guess you would call this a may-decemeber relationship. He says I should not worry about the age soo much.. I thought he was in his thirties as well. he is very very mature for his age. I am greek orhtodox and he is Romanian orhtodox. We meet through a chat site and seen each other as well on Skype. and have been emailing for 3 years. We did not mean to meet, it jsut happened. nd the first thing we noticed was we were form the background religion and that is how it statred. he is plannign to comet o the staes this summer. He tells me you worry too much about your age.

sorry, i am currently unemployed and can not offer anymore!! Thank you for your concern! in this matter!

Good Morning,


Age is what people make it to be. If you believe that a person is more than their physiological age, that they are a genderless and ageless spirit, then love can exist b/w two individuals who love each other.


You've shared that you have things in common. That is another factor when it comes to relationships.


My only concern since I am an Easter European myself would be to make sure that there is no alternative motive for his actions. This would apply in the case if you are a citizen in the US and he is seeking a way to come here. The fact that you have kept on communicating form quite some time now though is showing that he is consistent and that the relationship can have a future (the two of you have to decide what future)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
iI wanted to ask a follow-up question... which i meant to write more,,but I am new to this. Sorry!

he has never asked me to help him with coming here... he has a uncle in chiacago who he has been in touch with.. In the beginning I questioned him about that.. that was about 3 years ago in september..
Wow what a long time.. We have both faced loosees as well. I lost my mother.. and a year after emailing he lost his mom in april, and I did not here form him for a while. Since you are easterern eurpean i msut tell you he is from Romania.. He has never asked anything of me. He studied acting and wanted to come to chicago but he talks to his uncle about coming here to the states... He has worked very hard for his money for his visa. He even put himself tthough school-acting since that is what he wnated to do. He also did website designs which he let me know about by telling me to look up the websites... I know he has told me. he wnats a good life for himself becaue of what his countrh has gone through.. He has done some acting becasue he would send me the clips of the movie he has done. In the beginning of our emaiing he really got offeneded when I asked him. are you using me to come here.! Becasue I was soooo wary in the beginning and cautious of this.. ,

I jsut know i cannot believe this person and I have soo much in common already. I know he hangs or prefers to be around older people. Just confused about the gap in the age... I know I would be fine with it up north where it is most acceptable... But in the south,people think you have a mental problem.. and that makes you think, oh no.. But on the other hand you really like this guy. and the other thing is the age gap... a 22 year age gap.

He said if he got his visa and saw his uncle he wanted to come see me or he would have to return early to go back home. I think he is pretty level headed.. He still has a brother ,father, and grandmother back home. He is jsut sooo sweet and nice! I jsut love seeing him on Skype. and we both miss talking to each other as well.! I also questioned if he was my soulmate in some ways.. Before I met him.. I had also tried out for a movie here in the states with George Clooney called Leatherheeads. There we also had something in common! And I have always wanted to visit Romania as well..Way before I met him on-line!

I jsut wished this age thing was not in my way.. everything would be prefect.... Is this a common thing? Or bad thing? I just do not know! And I have always wnated to meet someone from overseas who was form a orthodox country.. Seems I get along better with ppl. form overseas...

I am soo sorry for any incovinece I have caused..

I do plan to pay for this answer...

Thank you soo much for your sincere answer.
I look forward to the follow-up

Good Evening,


I had not been able to get onto the site all day long. Hopefully this reply posts back.


What may be fueling your uncertainty about the relationship is societal limitations placed on age. If the two of you feel a connection that transcends what others think (even in the South, I too reside in the south now,) then why deny yourself this chance?


The fact that you have things in common and a sense of serendipity makes this possibility even more exciting.


The two of you will have to define what sort of a relationship you would want to have and make some short term goals. Figure out where do you see the relationship going in the first year and then decide what a long term relationship will consist of.


Depending on your spiritual believes, some people may thin that this is meant to happen (finding a soul mate, making a karmic connection, etc)

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