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I have recently met a woman. Our first 2 greats went exceptionally

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I have recently met a woman. Our first 2 greats went exceptionally well. I brought her flowers the other day, and like an idiot asked her if she was or is intending to see anyone else. Pretty sure she thinks I am moving too fast now. How do I correct this?
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How did she respond when you asked if she was seeing anyone else??
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She responded by saying that she was not but,.........she also did not want to be committed to anyone. I didn't mean it as I wanted to be exclusive. I told her that I didn't really know the rules of this whole "online" dating thing and that I jsut wanted to be honest like she said she does. I know there are a ton of guys as options. I felt that she may have felt threatened by my asking, like I was posessive, which I am not, but it was stupid regardless. By the way, still no reply. My friends say if it goes a couple more days I should call her and talk to her. A little more background we had a few great dates, she said the same. Either she was lying or my guess is met someone else. Not sure what to do now. thanks
It's possible she met someone else, but it's also possible she's keeping her options open. It sounds like the "chase" is over -- She knows you're ready and willing to be in a committed relationship with her (or assumes this based upon your question). Without the chase, she may not feel the need to pursue. Does that make sense? I agree with your friends that you may want to wait a few days -- See if she contacts you first. If you come on too strong at this point, it will likely push her away further.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

That is what I fear too. Is there anything that can be done besides waiting? I am thinking there is not. lol. Sucks. So the "game" is over if I do not hear from her I guess huh? Even worse if she does not answer in a few days.


I'd wait for bit (one week?) If hasn't responded, it's fairly clear she's being purposeful in putting space between you. However, at that point you already aren't talking to her... If you're still curious you could give her a call (you have nothing to lose, right?) Simply say that you hope she had a good week and you had a really good time on those first few dates. Is she interested in going out again? If she's open to that, see where the conversation goes. If not, at least you'll have closure on the matter.