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Why does a mans pesonality change after he goes to work for

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Why does a man's pesonality change after he goes to work for a big company like Ford in
quality asssurance and whydid hechange towrds me - but great to every one else thye
all loved him and came to his funmaeral - I alsay asked him but never go a real answer?
Hello and thanks for using!

First of all, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine the kind of grief you must be experiencing after losing someone after 10 years together.

Since you mentioned he was dying, I'll assume you both knew this was coming. While it's entirely possible (and not terribly uncommon) for someone's personality to change a bit when they are put in a certain position of employment (particularly those positions that come with more money and/or power), it's also likely that his personality changed when he began to realize his own fatality. Impending death can do funny things to people. Sometimes we push those we love away because it's too difficult to face our feelings and come to terms with saying goodbye.

It sounds like your relationship with him was different than it was with everyone else. Now that he's gone, it's normal to experience anger at some point during the grief process (anger toward him, anger toward the cause of his death, or even anger about the unfairness of it all). It's not wrong at all and it's just part of what you might experience when working through all of the emotions that come with losing someone you love. When this passes, perhaps you'll be able to focus more upon the time that you did enjoy his personality and think of that as the "real" him -- the one you knew before he changed and before the new job altered the way he treated you. Hopefully at that point you'll have happier memories of him and your past together. I wish you the best of luck and again, I'm sorry for your loss.
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