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Dont no what to do my husband likes to stay at home every weekend

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Dont no what to do my husband likes to stay at home every weekend and do things around our property we are on 10 acres. He never wants to socialise with people or go out just ourselves. I dont work so I have a lot of time on my hands and our boys are 16 & 17 and like to do their own thing. My husband is very quiet person and so am I but I feel I need people around me all the time. I have girlfriends I catch up with during the week to go to gym with or walks or coffee but when it comes to weekends no one seems to want to socialise with us. How do make friends when you both are not outgoing and try to invite people over for dinner or go out . But it never seems to be returned. Starting to get very depressed because no one wants to socialise with us/? What can you suggest?

Good Morning,


It seems that he may be introverted. Introverts enjoy smaller gatherings and quiet predictable activities.


You may want to change the peers that you wanted to socialite with you and connect with others through your church. You can either start or join a book club.


Set a yard sale and try to befriend some of the people who come around.


Even though he does not want to go out much, let him know that you've gotten tickets to a movie and the he is absolutely going with you. Dress up, do your makeup, and let him know that you intend on going out and he's welcomed to join you. It is ok to do things just the two of you (or you can have your girlfriends and they partners join) so he gets used to the company. See if there are some people he considers close friends and see if they would join.


You may want to plan a cook out and have many other couples join for an outdoors event (pot luck)

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