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I am not in a relationship with this guy. We used to work

Customer Question

I am not in a relationship with this guy. We used to work together. We still stay concerning work related matters. When we are together he stares at me, talks to me and seems very receptive. However, I never "made a move" on him. He never has either. He is leaving his job, and I thought that might be a good time for me to ask him out, which I did. He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no, he told me to check with him this week because the day I planned on going out with him he said he had tentative plans. I don't know if I should call him back. I feel that if he really liked me, he would have said yes, or would have asked me out before. We have gone out before but it was last-minute and it was just for a beer. I am probably over thinking this situation, but at this point I'm about to make up some lame excuse for not calling back.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Joan-Mod replied 7 years ago.
This is Joan and I am a Moderator:
Thanks for your question! I'm sorry that you haven't received an answer yet. The response rate on JustAnswer is usually over 95%, but sometimes questions go un-answered when, for example:

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I no longer need assistance. thanks.