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Dr Rossi
Dr Rossi, Licensed Psychotherapist
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my close friend and work colleague has started a relationship

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my close friend and work colleague has started a relationship with my brother in law. she only ever went out socially with me but now goes out all the time with my brother in law and never gives me a second thought. They socialise in the village that we live with people I have known for many years. People that she has only known through me. I am feeling extremely bitter, angry and generally upset about the situation and am finding it very difficult to forgive them or even be in the same room as them. I barely speak to them any more. This is taking over my life and I cannot move on.

Good Morning,


What you're feeling is in response to feeling betrayed and disrespected. Your feelings are normal. What is not, you letting them destroy you. You really are neither responsible for their actions nor for what they decide to do in the future.


Try to remind yourself that if they are having a good time, why should you suffer because of it? Apparently they disregard your feelings. Remaining angry you hurt yourself on top of them having hurt you. Show them that you're strong and try to focus on yourself and what makes you feel OK.

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