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my mother is very depressed. There was an incident about 7

Customer Question

my mother is very depressed. There was an incident about 7 months ago. she is blaming my fathers parents which had nothing to do with. She no longer talks to them. She also gets mad and upset with things that she can not control. When i tell her no i dont want to go with her or do something she gets mad and starts throwing things in my face that she has done for me in the past. I need help helping her
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  imdr06 replied 7 years ago.
would she be amenable to family therapy? if not, i would suggest perhaps an intervention amongst your family members. how old is she? any memory problems or loss of independence? i'm not sure if she needs medication, as this seems to be a result of some event in her life, so i think psychotherapy would be the best way to go. soem therapists will even come out to the house. i would suggest a professional interventionalist first though, and have him and the family show how she is breaking up the family dynamics like this - not good for her or any of you!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

she is 42, she would not attend a family intervention. she would probably just wasl away or not show up. She feels that my dads side of the family is against her. She has seen a psychiatrist before but somthine happend with insurance and she has not gone again. she is horrible managing money and She seems almost like 2 diffrent people. She is very confrontational while text messaging but the things she says she would never say face to face. She has been comparing her side of the family to my fathers. She was very