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Does this sound as though they are having an affair. Each

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Does this sound as though they are having an affair. Each year my husbands work offers tickets to local, yearly musical. I said I would go and ask that the tickets not be Saturday if possible because of my volunteer work. Just days before the play he says tickets were for Sat. He had been ask by a friend and his wife to join them for dinner before the play and at the play, and wanted to go. Then day before play my volunteer work party was canceled. So play night we met at restraunt for dinner; them and about 20 others. Following dinner he insists we give 2 remaining tickets to another couple and drives accross town. I found out later those 2 ticksts were for a different night. At the play the male friend and rest of group sat in rear and for some reason the wife insisted on sitting in front. First she was patting my husbands shoulder and giving him little hand squeezes. Then shoulder pats and rubbing his back. By the middle of the play she was rubbing his knee, his mid thigh and where his leg hooked onto his body. Don't know what its called, the crotch?   She talked loudly on all the wonderful attributs of hubby and called out in musical husbands name and said they are playing our song. Of course others near us got to see what was happening and even the actors on stage. Her husband saw them holding hands but I don't know if he is aware of the other touching. I was shocked, embarrassed, hurt, mortified, ashamed. We left immediately. He won't talk to me about it except to say he did nothing wrong but has gone 2 times to talk to her about it.
Hi, You are right to be concerned. It sounds as though something is going on and if there isn't he should be open to talking to you about the incident. If he was truly not interested in participating he could have removed her hand and told her to stop. He did do something wrong, he hurt you by doing nothing to stop her. I would suggest therapy as a couple or if he refuses to go you go alone and get some help.
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