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Dr Rossi, Licensed Psychotherapist
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i dumped by boyfriend after 3 years and he keeps saying we

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i dumped by boyfriend after 3 years and he keeps saying we have to part ways? but he keeps texting me like saying i love you, i miss you, i am said and do not know what to do or he will text and say i do not know what i want know so till then i do nothing - what does this all mean. he ask me out for lunch and i go, then he will call that same evening and say we have to part ways. i am 46 years old and so utterly confused. what is he doing or thinking?

Good Morning,


He may have not accepted the fact that you ended the relationship. Perhaps he wants to be the one to do so. OR he is not interested in separation (which you said had already happened) and believes that there is still a chance to have a relationship w/ you. He may have felt that after 3 years the relationship should either become more committed on his part and gotten scared of long term commitment. On the other hand he still wants to be with you but perhaps not invest much on his end.

You may want to point out to him the reason for you breaking up with him. That may be a clue as to his current behavior.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

in your final paragraph i did point out for the real reason i broke up with him and he said we need to part ways. and have a good summer bye. i have not heard from him since.will i hear from him again or should i wait for awhile or should i move on. i love this man so much and i miss him. i refuse to contact him. i also told him no committment no us. i told him when he figures this out he knows where i am. was this wrong

No it was not wrong. You gave him a choice and a chance. The rest is up to him. You may love him but you can not make him do something (if he is not ready/willing, etc) Why wait for him? You waited 3 years.
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