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I am seperated from my Husband. We have one child together.

Resolved Question:

I am seperated from my Husband. We have one child together. I am not actively looking for love or a new relationship. There is a guy from work who is interested in me. He seems cool, and was very interested in me ever since he saw me. I am confused at whether he really likes me like he says he does, especially since I have just told him my whole situation, having a child and being seperated. We work alot so we don't get to talk to each other alot outside work. we don't talk much but we have only been talking for 2 weeks. I know it seems crazy but I am used to a guy calling me and spending time with me right away if he is interested in me and this guy does not seem to be doing that. I am wondering if he's just not that in to me, especially with my situation or if is really just busy with work and life. He says he wants to be with me, he "loves" me, but like this week he said lets meet Sunday or mon. I'm thinking, why wouldn't he want to meet tonight or sooner? why a week later
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Jennifer replied 7 years ago.
Hello and thanks for using!

I think given your situation, it's very wise for him to want to take things slowly. He may like you very much, but wants to makes sure you don't rush into anything since you're still going through the process of ending a long-term relationship. What's more, if you were to get caught up in a whirlwind rebound relationship, it could severely damage your work relationship if things don't work out. I'd suggest you follow his lead by taking things slowly for now. The last line of your post struck out to me -- You're not used to being alone and are used to being in love. This is dangerous b/c it makes it so easy to fall hard and fast for someone when really you're falling hard in fast with the idea of being with someone more than the person himself. Take some time to focus on who you are -- what can you do to foster personal growth apart from being in a relationship? After you've spent some time finding closure with the end of your marriage and addressing your needs as an individual, you'll have much more to offer someone in a new relationship. If you're wondering if this person is holding back for these reasons, don't be afraid to have an honest conversation with him about it. It's OK to ask!
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