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im a guy and im young, this might sound stupid but, how can

Customer Question

im a guy and im young, this might sound stupid but, how can i become a "player"? .. seriously but
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello my name is Angela.
I am more than happy to assist you with your questions by giving you my honest and respectful opinion.

Based on what you have written, you could become a player if you choose to and I would recommend being honest with those you date. Some people who want to be a player get caught up in the title and think that its all fun and games, but its not always. Some cases have turned into the player being stalked, physically harmed, etc. due to the player not being honest with the people he was dating. Everyone's definition of what a player is may slightly vary so for the record my definition includes a person who does not want any committments from anyone while being able to date and have all the benefits of a relationship. If this is what you want to achieve, you simply go out to the places of interest to you and approach those people who you are attracted to and take it from there. However, please be honest and let the people know that you are not looking for any type of committment. Also, you could watch the wildly popular movie (-when it first came out) "How to be a player" for additional tips. Finally, here is a video about how to be a player that you can watch online, click here: Also, an article you can read about how to be a player, click here:

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