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Hi, I have been dating my girlfriend for what will be 2 years

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Hi, I have been dating my girlfriend for what will be 2 years in July of this year. I am 27 and she is 28. The relationship is solid and not only are we perfect for each other, we have become best friends as well. In fact, we rarely ever argue or get mad at each other. Now, I have been thinking about asking her to marry me. I have been thinking about this for atleast 3 months. However, she has never brought it up. She has hinted to the future, but marriage was never directly discussed. This really does not come by surprize as her personailty is quiet and passive. My question is this, do I bring up marriage, wait for her to bring it up, or just propose to her. Help!
Hello Fixer,
It's great that you have been thinking about asking her to marry you. What I would suggest is to discuss this with her and to see how she feels so that you don't just propose to her and possibly have her say no. It is perfectly fine and necessary to discuss both of your feelings about marriage especially since you have been together for 2 years. Therefore, schedule a time with her when the two of you can talk undisturbed (-maybe go to a park for a picnic or etc.). During this time be honest with her and tell her you would like to know how she feels about marrying you one day and fully discuss this issue. Be sure that she understands that you would like to know if she feels the same way that you do (-which is that one day you could get married). Discuss this first to see if she is thinking along the same lines as you and then if she is you could also discuss possible time frames such as 6 months, 1 year, etc.; discuss this subject fully. Communication is vital for couples to remain on the same page and it eliminates the frustration of guessing about what to do.
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