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its been 3 months after me and my ex girlfriends break up,

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its been 3 months after me and my ex girlfriends break up, we broke up cause she said she wasnt ready for a commited relationship, she still cant even look at me or even talk to me, i dont understand, what do you think is going on?, i am totally confused
It sounds as if she no longer wanted to be in a committed relationship with you and that she has not been honest with you about "other things" which could be the reason why she will not look at you or talk to you (-assuming you have no reason to think her behavior is caused by something you may have said or done). You have attempted to contact her but she still refuses to respond, so I would recommend moving on because she is choosing not to respond to you. If down the road she decides to respond to you, then fine, but for now it would be better for you to focus your time and energy on other people of interest to you. If your ex chooses to respond to you at a later time, be sure to ask her why she previously would not talk to you (-just so that you can decide by her answer wether or not you want to be in contact with her from that point forward).
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
nice answer, but is there absolutly any way i can get her back?
The honest answer is it depends on the reason(s) why she broke up with you. If the only reason was that she truly didn't want to be in a committed relationship with you, then there could be a chance that she may change her mind in the future and desire to be in a committed relationship with you. However, if there is more to why she broke up with you and to why she is not talking to you, then you would need to know what those reasons are in order to try and determine if you could ever get her back.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i never cheated, yell'd at her or did anything that bad, only thing i could think of is probablly, being jealous sometimes, making fun a bit too much and thats about it, how are my chances?
Okay, if that is all that there is to it then there could be a chance that she may come back to you if she cares about you as much as care about her. What you could consider doing is sending her an email and telling her in the email that you want to be accountable for the times in the past that you were jealous and handled it inappropriately as well as for the times you teased her to much and that you are sorry for doing these things. The purpose of the email is to tell her the above which shows you acknowledge your past behavior and are sorry for doing it. You could also let her know that if she chooses to be friends with you again, that you would work on these areas and would love for her to help you in these areas so that you can be friends again. Also, realize it is okay to be jealous (-we are human) as long as you handle it appropriately and in a healthy manner.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ur good haha, but one last question, i already sent her a lets be friends email a week ago at the end sayind "if you dont wanna talk just dont reply, ill understand" how long should i wait till after that to send the email that you suggested above?
Hello Fixer,
I would suggest sending the email that I recommended right away because the purpose of it is to show her that you want to be accountable for your past actions. So be sure to include in the email that you know you told her not to reply if she wasn't interested in the last email, but, you just wanted to share one more thing with her and then start from there. In the subject of the email you may want to put something like "I want to be accountable" so that if she sees the email in her inbox, hopefully, she will read it and not delete it.
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