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My boyfriend excludes me from his family. Ive been living

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My boyfriend excludes me from his family. I've been living with him for, his sister and her husband for almost 8 months now and we've had a serious relationship for over a year. First he excluded me from a family outing when his mom came to visit, she was relatively cold to me when we first met, and now his sister alienates me in the house and I feel this intense pressure from her that she doesn't like me being with her brother. My boyfriend is sort of a momma's boy, and always thinks he's right, so when I bring up the issue that I feel alienated, he gets angry and tells me that this is a nagging issue he doesn't want to deal with. What should I do? We will be moving out in two months to go traveling, but how do I deal with this in the meantime? More importantly, how can I have a meaningful conversation with him about this?
Based upon what you have written, I recommend talking to your boyfriend again in this manner. Schedule a time to talk to him away from your house such as at a park for a picnic or some other outing that makes you both feel peaceful and where you both will be undisturbed. During this time tell him that you need to talk to him about concerns and that you would like him to help you come up with solutions to your concerns because you are a couple who love and support one another. Then in a calm tone share with him the above things that you have written apart from telling him you feel that he is a momma's boy (-this doesn't need to be told to him). Be sure to tell him how it hurt you when he excluded you from the outing when his mother came and fully discuss this. Also, discuss how you feel his sister alienates you and fully discuss this issue. Then ask him to help you think of solutions to your valid concerns so that the remaining two months can be more peaceful for all of you. Both of you decide on possible answers and solutions that you both can agree to. Ensure that he understands that your concerns are valid and must be dealt with for the sake of your relationship which is why you want him to help you resolve these concerns.
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