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ive been dating this girl for about six years. weve been

Customer Question

i've been dating this girl for about six years. we've been through numerous break-ups and most of then were my fault. Last October, she called me and asked if we could take a break , then a couple of days later , she called quit it. And her reasons for leaving were, what i've done to her 3 years ago and my family situation(mom and brother weren't working). But, later i've found out that she left me for another guy. I was in denial,i just couldn't let her go so kept calling and crying over her but she just wasn't into. Not long ago, we decided to give it another try. Thruth is , i think i talked her into it because ever sine we've been back things haven't changed. i don't think she's into it as much as i am. And what hurts me the most, she's always avoiding conversations about us. what can in do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Based on what you have written, it sounds as if she may have been talked into it because you mentioned things haven't changed and this could also be why she doesn't want to talk about the two of you. However, she must talk about the two of you so that you can both be on the same page. Schedule a time with her and let her know that you need to talk to her and its important. Maybe you could go to the park or some other peaceful place and talk. When she tries to avoid talking about the two of you, explain to her that you are both in a relationship and it can only succeed if you both talk about the concerns you each have in the relationship. Tell her this is why you must talk about your relationship because you have genuine concerns that will not go away until they are discussed. If she still refuses to talk about your relationship, then I would recommend seriously considering if this is the right girl for you especially since she will not do the most basic and vital thing required in all relationships: to talk about the relationship so that it can grow and be satisfying for both of you.

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