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Basically my question is pretty complicated. Im in a reconciled

Resolved Question:

Basically my question is pretty complicated. I'm in a reconciled person in a reconciled relationship that has come to the "either let's get married or move on" point. I love the girl to death but fear that if we get engaged, she will not love the person I have become and it would drastically affect the marriage. I would never, ever wish that upon her. Can you help?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Based upon what you have written, I think it is a risk that you could take because you both sincerely XXXXX XXXXX other. While there are certain differences between Catholicism and Christianity, the common denominator among both religions is "God". Therefore, I think the two of you should honestly discuss your concerns about the differences in your religious beliefs before getting married and agree to a compromise which you both can live with and feel good about. For example, will you be able to respect her saying prayers such as Hail Mary full of grace......when you pray directly to God and in your prayers with in Jesus name amen? These are the types of questions you should discuss with each other and then agree to a compromise that makes you both feel respected and valued. However, neither one of you should attempt to change the other person's belief system, doing so will only backfire. If one of you wants to change your belief system by your own choice then that's fine. Discuss these types of things asap and in person not over the phone or via text. Important conversations like this need to be discussed face to face and if you both can't agree to compromises that make you both feel respected and valued then don't get married.
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