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my husband is addicted to my breasts! He touches them constantly.

Resolved Question:

my husband is addicted to my breasts! He touches them constantly. Whenever we pass in the house, while i'm getting dressed and can never kiss me without groping my breasts. He says I should appreciate this "affection". It drives me nuts! How can I handle this....I really feel it is a total lack of respect
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Men and women are certainly wired differently, which is why he made the inaccurate and selfish statement of " you should appreciate this affection". I would recommend talking to him again and explaining the following to him. Tell him that you love that he is very interested in your breast, however, you can't stand how he is always expressing his interest in them because it makes you feel disrespected and like a slab of meat (-use your own words). Explain to him that the constant grabbing and touching is undesirable to you and certainly is not considered affection by you and it has now become a serious concern because he has totally ignored your request to stop always touching your breast. Discuss with him an acceptable compromise for both of you in reference to how often he touches your breast; come up with a solution that you can both agree to. For example: maybe the two of you could have a specific time you set aside for this to occur. The important thing is for both of you to agree to a compromise that you are both comfortable with because it is your body and your marriage at hand. It is also important that he understand that your definition of affection does not involve constantly groping you as if you were a slab of meat.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you agree that this is disrespectful? I have actually questioned myself. I honestly think it has become a compulsive "habit". If/When I try to talk to him he always ends up getting mad, pouting, and then he won't touch me at all for several days before slowing working back up to the same routine.
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Yes it is disrespectful in my opinion, and further more you have told him this and he should respect your wishes and work on a compromise with you. Based on his past track record of behavior when you have talked to him in the past, this time try and schedule a time to talk with him where you will not be interrupted (-maybe go to the park for a picnic, or etc.). As you begin to talk to him tell him that in the past when you have talked to him you know that he was upset, but you really want him to know that the reason you need to talk to him is because you love him very much and that you want both of you to feel happy and satisfied with one another and not to get upset but to discuss the issue....then begin the conversation from there. Also, be sure to let him know that you want both of you to come up with a compromise for the constant breast touching; a compromise that makes you both feel good (-so there is no need for him to get upset).
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