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Ive been in a relationship off and on for 7 1/2 years with

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I've been in a relationship off and on for 7 1/2 years with an older man. A year or so ago I broke up with him with the intent of never being with him again which didn't last [just like the other times thereafter], and started dating other men, some in which I was sexually active. When he asked me if I had been with anyone else inbetween our breakups, I told him the truth. And now he continuously brings it up whenever we argue like that is the root of our issues. I don't regret being with other men for the simple fact that we were not "together" when I was with other men. In my opinion what I did outside of our relationship is none of his business, but I told him anyway 'cause I have nothing to hide. I don't believe I cheated, however he believes I should apologize as though I did something wrong. So obviously, we're still together & I'm getting tired of defending myself everytime we have an argument. I think he should get over it. What do you think?
Hi, If you were not with him, broke up with him you have every right to do whatever you want with whomever you want, you did not cheat and he has no reason to expect an apology. You were truthful with him and that's the end of the issue. You are working on rebuilding trust that was lost? how, you were broken up and you dated other men? That would only be a violation of trust if you were in a relationship with him. Do not feel you should defend yourself anymore, it's his problem not yours. I would also suggest that you make sure this is the person you want to be with long term before you agree to move in. You have done nothing wrong.
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