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I am thinking about, just sending him a message to ask if he

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I am thinking about, just sending him a message to ask if he is interested in me. I would rather know so I do not waste my time. Bsed upon him not contacting me of his out of town excursion I would think not. So should I just leave hime alone?
I wouldn't do it quite yet... I'm assuming he hasn't contacted you at all regarding the movie date? I'd wait another day or so then send a message simply asking if he's still up for a movie. If he says no or doesn't respond, I'd assume he's not interested.

Hold off on asking how he feels until you see him in person. Too much of the communication gets lost in e-mails / text messages and you'll be riddled with anxiety waiting for his response. Better to see if he's up for spending some time face to face and then ask him when you're together if you're still feeling the need to know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>I understand. Also I wanted to know if I don't send a message asking about the movie and just not contact again, how would that look? Because I can safely say that I have done most of the contacting and I am tired and can simply see that excuse the pun, He's just not that into me. I put myself out there and I am tired of waiting around on him to respond. In the past if a guy is interested I at least talk to him a couple times a week and see him on the weekend. We have not seen each other in three weeks. Also he accepted a date and then claimed he is going to be out of town this week. It sounds like and excuse and poor one at that. This guy is so weird. It is like he has absolutely no social grace what so ever . I feel like I am being jerked around.</p><p> </p><p>What do you think?</p>
If you don't contact again it would send the message that you've lost interest -- or have realized HE'S lost interest. I didn't realize you were the only one initiating contact. I'd agree that if he's interested, he'll make the effort to contact you. You could definitely wait and see if he does. I still think I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on the travel plans -- He may very well be out of town and unable to see a movie with you this week. If he is, you probably won't hear from him until next week. If you don't hear from him next week, it's time to move on.
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