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i was engaged to a man from colarado..he bought house in las

Customer Question

i was engaged to a man from colarado..he bought house in las vegas so we can both luve here and colorado..we applied for a marriage license..he wrote a legal paper a will like that if something happens to him the house is mine...we have joint checking account in las vegas..i lived in his house for 2 years..he paid all the bills from coloarado..we broke up and now he gave me i month to move out of the is impossible to move that quickly..iam 65 yrs old female and have no one here to help i have a case?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
I am sorry you are going through this difficult time. In general in the U.S.A., once two people are living together, one person cannot forcibly make the other person leave if he/she does not want to regardless of who pays the bills and etc. because the two people were voluntarily living together. Therefore, if one person wants the other person to go, it usually must be done on a voluntary basis unless legal action is taken which would require the person to leave. Again, this is in general, therefore, I would advise you to pursue the following options asap when your friend is not at home for additional information and options. If at anytime you feel threatened, immediately call 911.

1. Check your phone book or the internet for phone numbers for "legal aide" in the city and state where you live. Legal aide is usually offered at a reduced fee and/or pro bono contingent upon your income.

2. Using the internet type the words "lawyer referral system"- (which usually offers reduced rates for meeting with a lawyer) followed by your city and state to get a listing of possible attorneys participating in the reduced rate system.

3. Using the internet type in "pro bono lawyers" followed by your city and state for additional options; most pro bono and free services are income contingent and requirements usually varies for each agency.

4. Some law schools also offer various hours where anyone can call in and speak to a law student and ask their questions. So check for the reputable law colleges and universities and call to inquire about this directly to the law school.