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How long should you wait to have sex if you are both over sixty

Resolved Question:

How long should you wait to have sex if you are both over sixty and the woman has marriage as her goal.

We have both been married before and I have no religious views preventing me from having sex before marriage ,I'm not sure about him but I doubt it. I would not want to live with someone without benefit of marriage. I want the marriage for dignity's sake and all the other benefits.
My actual question right now is how long should a woman wait at this stage of life to have sex in a dating relationship. I sure wouldn't marry someone with out a sexual relationship first. I   am older than he is and he knows it.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Tonsils,
The honest answer to your question is you should first decide at what point you would be comfortable having sex with your friend and then when you feel your are comfortable having sex with your friend you should discuss it with him. For example, are you comfortable 1 month down the road or in 3 months or at a later time? No one can tell you how long you should wait because it is your relationship and you should wait until you are comfortable with having sex and then discuss it. Also, since you have just met your friend take your time and get to know him before even allowing the thought potential of marriage to enter your mind. Certainly there is nothing wrong with realizing that he may be a potential candidate for marriage, however, please don't focus on this because your relationship is still new from what you have written. Therefore, take the time to get to know him and to simply enjoy your relationship in its current state. As you get to know him better you should talk to him about both of your feelings about sex but this is something to do once you get to know each other better and you feel comfortable to have sex with him. Relationships involve communication on both parts so don't be afraid to discuss things with him as you get to know him better and feel comfortable doing so.
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