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My boyfriend and i have been going out for 8yrs we have 2 children

Resolved Question:

My boyfriend and i have been going out for 8yrs we have 2 children together and the relationship has been very sad for the both of us since it began he has a really nice car and i have no car he gets what he wants but i get nothing i don't get payed much cause i look after the children at home he works full time and everytime i ask for something he tells me to save up and buy it myself i just feel like this is some what wrong and that my job is to look after our children and for him to work so he can support us all not just himself everything that is in my kids room i brought and i don't get payed much at all i asked him for breast implants and he said that he wants to get a turbo for his ve holden ss and told me to get them myself am i asking for to much?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 7 years ago.
You are being controlled by your boyfriend and the best thing you can is make a plan, get a job and start becoming independent. This relationship is not fair. He is using finances as control. Staying home and raising children is work however you need to find an "out". This is not the way a relationship should work. If he tells you to save money, tell him you are going to start "charging" him for anything you do for him, laundry, meals etc. See how he reacts to that. You have been with this guy since you were a kid yourself. You will have a long miserable life if you continue to let this happen. Take charge of your own life and if he doesn't like it then it's time to end it. He will be responsible for child support until the kids are 18.
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