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Jennifer, School Psychologist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 397
Experience:  Extensive experience fostering family relationships through consultation / counseling.
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For Jennifer, I took your advice and wrote No problem...

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For Jennifer, I took your advice and wrote :

No problem... Let me know when your travel plans are more clear. Look forward to hearing from you!

I am critiquing career fairs today. Big FUN!


If you have to go out of town I understand, I just ask that please, don't watch that movie without me. I think you are funny which would play right along with the spirit of "Why Did I Get Married Too." It would be fun.

Principal Response:

Believe I won't go to the movies.....See you are using that blackberry!

Jennifer , is he responding to me asking him not to go to the movies or in general? I think he is. Also in your opinion is he even interested at all?

I think I will leave him alone for the holiday he can contact me. Or not. What is your advice?
Hello and thanks for using!

He's saying that if he doesn't have time to see a movie with you, he certainly won't have time to see one without you. Don't sweat this one. You've left it up to him now. I think he is still interested, but now you need to lay low for a few days so you don't come across as being too pushy. Let him contact you. If he's interested, he absolutely will! Let's wait and see what he says after his travel arrangements are figured out. It could be that your date gets pushed back a week if he goes out of town, but that's OK. Let him make the next move. If you don't hear from him by mid-week next week, then it's fine to send a brief message asking about his holiday and whether he wants to see that movie this week or next.
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