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Jennifer, School Psychologist
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I have been dating this man for 4 months and he recently got

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I have been dating this man for 4 months and he recently got kick out of his family's home..He has his own business and have been working at it full time, but n funds are coming in he is strickly comission. I talked to him about getting a second job and contributing funds..Do you think is a reasonable amount of time? Aslo I forgot to mention he has moved in with me and has been living with me for two weeks now.
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I think it may be time to talk with him about what his plans are. Instead of beginning the discussion with whether he plans on contributing, ask if he plans on staying long-term or if he had other plans (e.g., saving to get another place of his own). Tell him if you want him to stay and throw in anything wonderful you have to say about living with him. Follow that with the fact that if you're going to reside together you should probably figure out what that will look like as far as the financial responsibilities. Another person in the home increases the bills -- energy, water consumption, etc. Explain that while you know his income is tight right now, what could he possibly do to help with those expenses? He may come to the 2nd job idea on his own or perhaps he has other resources he could tap into. Two weeks is a nice period to allow someone to stay with you free of charge. I think when it becomes clear he's not going anywhere, it's definitely time to have that talk.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Jennifer,


Thanks for your advice. He has decided to get a second job. Wanted to know how does he address being self-employed on any job applicantions or resume's. He filed out an online application for Blockbuster and insisted on stating that he is self-employed in regards XXXXX XXXXX history. Will employers fro.wn on this. Would he word it so it want affect him gettting a second job. He been self-employed for 10 years knowing selling furniture and he does computer sales as well.

Hi there! I think I answered this for you on another post as well -- No need to worry about how this will affect his application. Employers don't frown upon "self-employed" -- it shows they were working and there are, in fact, many very successful individuals who work for themselves. No need to worry.